Jamie's Modenas & Old German Owls


Modena Schietti

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There are two types of Modena the Schietti Modena and the Gazzi Modena.

I keep both as I like the variation between the two types. Schietti come in all colours’ you can get Schietti Modenas in Self, Barred, Tri coloured and lots more, most schietti colour are reasonably easy to get hold of in the U.K. with many breeders and exhibitors.


For exhibition, Modenas should be short, round and

 broad chested, balancing on straight legs.  

With the wings resting tip to tip on the tail, the colour of the birds should be rich.


For further details of Modenas please go to my link page where you can find other Modena fanciers and a link to the National Modena Club U.K.