Jamie's Modenas & Old German Owls


Modena gazzi

Best mod Lon& Essex Jan 200 8web P101022744blue gazzi 2007 cock Ochre tri 2004 Gazzi Cock

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The Gazzi Modena is in my opinion the most attractive of the two types of Modena it has a totally different style to the schietti Modena.

They have a white breast coloured head, wings, and tail.  The head and tail are the same colour in for example in a blue gazzi the head and tail would be blue with blue wings carrying a bronze bar and a white body.


You can get gazzi Modenas in the same colours as schietti

Modenas, although self colours are very hard to get hold of


For exhibition Modenas should be short, round and broad chested, balanced on a straight leg.  With the wings resting tip to tip on the tail, the colour of the birds should be rich.


For further details of Modenas please go to my link page where you can find other Modena fanciers and a link to  the National Modena Club U.K.